Arija Birze wins the Best Paper Award at the Wilson Centre’s Reznick Day 2018

On October 12, 2018, Ms. Arija Birze received the Best Student Paper Award during the Reznick Day dinner, an annual celebration of research at the Wilson Centre. Arija’s paper, titled “GENDER IN THE FLESH: Emotional Labour and Allostatic Load in Police Communicators,” this paper illustrates the relationship between emotional labour, stress (allostatic load), and conformity to gender norms. It is co-authored with Dr. Elise Paradis, Dr. Cheryl Regehr, Dr. Vicki LeBlanc and Dr. Gillian Einstein, and is currently under review.

In the photo below, she is receiving the award from Dr. Richard Reznick, first director of the Wilson Centre, and current Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University.

Arija Birze and Richard Reznick

Dr. Craig Kuziemsky visits the Paradis Lab

On December 10, 2018, the Paradis Lab received the visit of Dr. Craig Kuziemsky, Professor at the University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management, and Research Chair in Healthcare Innovation, who presented his most recent work on teams. Dr. Kuziemsky, an expert in technological innovation in healthcare and Associate Editor of the Journal of Interprofessional Care, presented a compelling vision of collaboration delivery that complements the work done in the Paradis Lab to improve how teams deliver care.

We look forward to further joint enterprises!

Craig Kuziemsky

Karla Sayegh visits the Paradis Lab

Karla Sayegh, PhD Candidate at McGill University’s ___, visited the Paradis Lab on ___. She presented her work on the impact of a new space on care dynamics in a pediatric ICU in Montreal, Quebec. Her work challenges us to think about the layout of healthcare workplaces and its role in defining patterns of care. For instance, in the new hospital, nurses were further from one another, and couldn’t easily monitor all children visually. Teamwork—technical and emotional support, questions, and complex tasks—was more difficult for workers in the new space. The layout, designed to limit risks of contagion among children, had paradoxical effects on safety: forcing nurses to run from one closed space to another in cases of emergency.

We look forward to seeing Ms. Sayegh’s work in print!

Karla Sayegh

Leigh Chapman shoots video about the personal costs of the opioid epidemic

Ms. Leigh Chapman—a leader in the fight against the criminalization of drugs and for the development of safe injection sites, PhD Candidate at the Bloomberg School of Nursing, and Paradis Lab member—has worked with Dr. Paradis and Steve __ to develop an educational video about the personal costs of the opioid epidemic, for presentation to the 2T0 cohort of students at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. In this short video, Leigh describes what she learned about opiates and addiction in the formal training that she received in nursing about opiates, in the informal curriculum of nursing practice, through her brother’s journey of addiction and untimely death, as well as what she hopes students would learn about the topic. In short: that addiction is very complex, that most drug addicts do not use for the high, but rather to appease the pain of withdrawal; that there is a way to decriminalize drug users, offer a safer drug supply, and minimize individual and social harm. You are encouraged to contact Leigh or Dr. Paradis if you are interested in using the video for teaching purposes.

Leigh Chapman

The Paradis Lab welcomes Professor Robert Dingwall

One of the highlights of summer 2018 for the Paradis Lab was the visit of Professor Robert Dingwall, a towering figure in the sociology of medicine. Prof. Dingwall shared his recent introduction to a book about Howard Becker with the lab, introducing us to the legacy of Howard Becker. Prof. Dingwall also had many insights to share with all lab members about their work. We are grateful for his time and kind advice.

Professor Robert Dingwall on the Canada Research Couch

Professor Robert Dingwall on the Canada Research Couch

Patricia J Leake receives the Best Oral Presentation Award from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Look at her smile!

The Paradis Lab congratulates Ms. Patti Leake for her recent Best Oral Presentation Award from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. She received this award for the presentation of her research on nursing and interprofessional collaboration in front of the Clinical, Social and Administrative Pharmacy student seminar. Congratulation, Patti!

Patti Leake celebrates her best presentation award.

Patti Leake celebrates her best presentation award.