Congratulations to Ms. Chanté De Freitas

The Paradis Lab is delighted to announce that Ms. Chanté De Freitas successfully defended her Master’s Thesis on August 15, 2019.

Ms. De Freitas’ thesis, titled “Aspiring physicians from low-income backgrounds: experiences of barriers and facilitators to a career in medicine,” is a qualitative interview study with 15 participants at various stages in their undergraduate, master’s, and non-medical professional education with an interest in a career in medicine. It identifies several barriers and facilitators on students’ journeys. Barriers included social, identity-related, economic, structural and informational dimensions. Facilitators in turn included motivation, self-confidence, attitude, and strategic dimensions.

Ms. De Freitas’ thesis shows the complex path taken by young people as they aim to make their dream of studying medicine a reality, and provides a nuanced portrait of what gets in the way of low-income students’ success. Her thesis contributes to the literature by exposing pre-admission barriers to the success of low-income students in accessing a career in medicine, and will be useful to medical school’s admissions professionals who aim to support underrepresented groups, including low-income students.

Ms. De Freitas had worked with Dr. Paradis on an ethnography of teamwork in a Toronto-based family health team for over a year. We wish her all the best in her upcoming career, and well-deserved success.