Leigh Chapman shoots video about the personal costs of the opioid epidemic

Ms. Leigh Chapman—a leader in the fight against the criminalization of drugs and for the development of safe injection sites, PhD Candidate at the Bloomberg School of Nursing, and Paradis Lab member—has worked with Dr. Paradis and Steve __ to develop an educational video about the personal costs of the opioid epidemic, for presentation to the 2T0 cohort of students at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. In this short video, Leigh describes what she learned about opiates and addiction in the formal training that she received in nursing about opiates, in the informal curriculum of nursing practice, through her brother’s journey of addiction and untimely death, as well as what she hopes students would learn about the topic. In short: that addiction is very complex, that most drug addicts do not use for the high, but rather to appease the pain of withdrawal; that there is a way to decriminalize drug users, offer a safer drug supply, and minimize individual and social harm. You are encouraged to contact Leigh or Dr. Paradis if you are interested in using the video for teaching purposes.

Leigh Chapman