Karla Sayegh visits the Paradis Lab

Karla Sayegh, PhD Candidate at McGill University’s ___, visited the Paradis Lab on ___. She presented her work on the impact of a new space on care dynamics in a pediatric ICU in Montreal, Quebec. Her work challenges us to think about the layout of healthcare workplaces and its role in defining patterns of care. For instance, in the new hospital, nurses were further from one another, and couldn’t easily monitor all children visually. Teamwork—technical and emotional support, questions, and complex tasks—was more difficult for workers in the new space. The layout, designed to limit risks of contagion among children, had paradoxical effects on safety: forcing nurses to run from one closed space to another in cases of emergency.

We look forward to seeing Ms. Sayegh’s work in print!

Karla Sayegh